Style of Management

We believe risk is inherent in all types of financial markets investing.  It cannot be eliminated, only managed.  Investment returns can come through capital appreciation, dividends, or interest income.  Returning capital to stockholders in the form of dividends is an important part of stock ownership.  Regular cash dividends can be withdrawn for current income needs or reinvested for future growth.  Reinvested dividends have been the overwhelming source of stockholder returns throughout time.  Regular dividends indicate stability and lower risk, and tend to be a characteristic of larger and more stable companies.  If a company has not initiated a stable dividend policy, management can lose control over costs, spend money on perquisites, or engage in empire building.  Dividends become part of the budgeting process and cash flow projections, and are a disciplined use of corporate resources.  They are one way that investors know that the reported earnings are real numbers.  There are a number of well run companies which do not pay dividends and will also be used in portfolios where appropriate.

Bonds are an important asset class for investors and will be a part of a client’s asset allocation where appropriate.  They will provide stability, income, and lower risk in those accounts.  Quality and maturity are important considerations when bonds are used and will be monitored on a continuing basis when used in portfolio asset allocation.

We utilize a variety of research sources to discover securities which fit our strategy and are appropriate investments for our clients.  We do not receive any compensation from brokerage fees or custody fees, nor do we receive any compensation from third party sources.  Our only source of revenue is the management fee quoted in our literature.

The best interests of our clients will be placed ahead of the firm’s or any employee’s investment interests.  Our service is meant to be a conservative, personal service where our goal is to satisfy the reasonable investment objectives of our clients.  You may contact us at your convenience with any questions.